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Low Cost Spay Neuter in Maine--an alphabetical list of low cost spay/neuter programs      (updated 03/18/2015) 

Augusta:  New!  $10 cat spay/neuters.  See Augusta below.

Bangor area: New!  $50 cat spay or neuter including rabies vaccine.  Free Bangor transport service to and from The Community spay-Neuter Clinic.  Includes: health exam, surgery, pain medication and rabies vaccine.   You do not need to be a Bangor resident, you just need to use the clinic's Bangor transport service.  Call 865-0772 for details and appointments. 

Feral cats: New!   Two cats $15. Funding available for additional cats.  See feral cats below under Community Spay-Neuter Clinic.  call:  865-0772.

York County:  February pricing.  For York County residents cats only $7 to $15.  Cats from anywhere else only $45. Call: 985-3244 ext. 120



Help Fix ME is Open.  Maine's state-wide low-income spay/neuter programcall 1-800-367-1317.  $10 for a cat spay or neuter; $20 for a pit bull or pit bull mix. Currently, vouchers are limited to cats (including feral cats cared for by individuals not organizations), pit bulls and pit bull mixes because those are the animals that are filling up our shelters. Click on the "Contact Help Fix ME" tab to see if you qualify for this program.


Help Fix ME vouchers can take a few to several weeks to obtain so apply early.  If you have applied or called and received no response, email Liam Hughes:  Liam.Hughes@maine.gov


If your cat is in heat or pregnant, please look to see if there is another program near you as Help Fix ME vouchers can take too long to get. If you need help finding another program, email shall1@maine.rr.com or call 207-809-5116.


Cleo Fund: 773-6221.  Piscataquis, Aroostook (cats only), Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Lincoln, York Counties and the areas reached by The Community Spay/Neuter Clinic (see Freeport about their mobile clinic and transport areas).  $20 for cats in Aroostook and the northern counties, $33 for cats elsewhere and $50 for dogs less than 75 lbs.  $60 for dogs over 75 lbs. (No purebreds, designer or purchased dogs.  Exception:  pit bulls are eligible.)   Includes rabies vaccine.  Low income including working low income. No income requirements for feral cats.
Note:  if you live near a low cost spay/neuter clinic please try that first so that these funds can be used for those who do not have low cost clinics nearby.
Friends of Animals vouchers for cats and dogs:  http://friendsofanimals.org/  or 1-800-321-7387.  Cats: M $51, F $65, dogs M: $64, F $90.  Participating vets in Bangor, Farmington, Fryeburg, Wells and Westbrook.
Feral cats:  see bottom of page


Confused?  Want a phone call? Email your phone number to: shall1@maine.rr.com.  We will call you to help you find a spay/neuter program. (For a Help Fix ME application call 1-800-367-1317.)


Complete Program List (look for your town, county or area):


Aroostook County:  See The Cleo Fund above.  773-6221. Cats only.


Auburn:  Dr. Steve Kinney's Low-Income Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic is located at Auburn Animal Center.  Cat neuter$30. Cat spay:  $60.  Vaccines $10 each.  Call to schedule:  784-2000


Auburn:  For dogs (not limited to low-income):  Dr. Steve Kinney's Auburn Animal Center 784-2000.  Price depends on weight:  males $90-155, females $130-225.  Cats (if not low-income): Female $115, male $65. If low-income female $60, male $30.


AuburnFREE Cat, kitten, pit bull and pit bull mix spays and neuters. See The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society below, under Lewiston/Auburn.   783-2311 

Augusta:  $10 cat spay/neuters. Apply by email (no calls) to spayneuter@pethavenlane.org. This is the "Let's Fix This" program run by the Kennebec Valley Humane Society. To be eligible you must live in Augusta, Chelsea, China, Farmingdale, Fayette, Gardiner, Hallowell, Litchfield, Livermore Falls, Manchester, Monmouth, Mt. Vernon, Palermo, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, Vassalboro, Wayne, West Gardiner, Windsor or Winthrop.


Augusta:  East Coast Shelter Clinic.  Low cost spay/neuter for cats and dogs. Cat spay $75, neuter $60. Rabies vaccine included if needed.  Call for appointments and details:  626-2893. Some other services besides spay/neuter available. Clinic does not take vouchers.


Augusta, Thomaston and Waterville areas:  Free transport for cats and dogs to and from the Community Spay-Neuter Clinic in Freeport.  865-0772 


Bangor: On Mondays, starting May 12th, there will be a free transport van for cats and dogs to and from Community Spay/Neuter Clinic. Call 865-0772 for an appointment. Meet in in front of Petco in the parking lot. 777Stillwater Ave. Most vouchers accepted, such as Cleo Fund, Bangor Humane Society and Help Fix ME. Without vouchers, cats only $60, call for dog prices.


Bangor:   Bangor Humane Society has a very good voucher program for both cats and dogs.  Call 942-8902 for details.


Bar Harbor:  See Trenton below.


Biddeford: Almost FREE:  $5 cat spay/neuters.  Includes health exam, rabies vaccine and flea treatment if needed.  Call the Animal Welfare Society:  985-3244 ext 120


Bridgton:  Affordable Spay & Neuter Clinic 583-2121.  Call for prices.


Bridgton/Brownfield:  see Western Maine below


Caribou area:  Halfway Home Pet Rescue spay/neuter assistance.   492-1722 or norma@halfwayhomepetrescue.orgCats only. For low income residents of the Caribou area who do not qualify for Help Fix ME (see Help Fix ME above).

Caribou:  See The Cleo Fund above under "statewide" (773-6221). Cats only.


Cherryfield:  See Washington and Hancock counties below.


Corinna:  see Dover-Foxcroft


Cumberland and York Counties:  The Cleo Fund. 773-6221. $30 for cats and $50 for dogs. (No purebreds, designer or purchased dogs.  Exception:  pit bulls are eligible.)   Includes rabies vaccine.  Low income only.


Dexter:  see Dover-Foxcroft


Dover-Foxcroft area: Cleo Fund vouchers available for cats. 773-6221. Low-income and working low-income.


Dover-Foxcroft/Milo/Exeter area:  P.E.T.S. low cost spay/neuter assistance for both cats and dogs.  Call 564-8092.  Also, monthly cat spay/neuter transport van to and from spay/neuter clinic. Cat spay or neuter fee:  $45.  $5 donation to help with transport. Transport pick ups between Dover-Foxcroft and Newport. Also ask about Cleo Fund vouchers.


Ellsworth:  See Trenton below.


Farmington area:  Cat spays $35, cat neuters $35. No income requirements.  Call the Franklin County Animal Shelter at 778-2638.  Book early as the shelter has limited grant money for these prices.


Farmington/Franklin County area and other areas:  Maine Woods Mobile Vet:  491-5501. Low-income low cost spay/neuter clinics for cats and male dogs.  Will do feral cat colonies and pediatric spay/neuter (8 weeks old).  Individuals call for locations of clinics.  Shelters and rescues call to schedule clinics.  Will do clinics in the northern counties.


Fort Kent area:  Cat spay/neuter assistance. Call 543-7348. Call between 8 AM and 8 PM.  Must be from one of these towns:

Ft. Kent, Frenchville, Madawaska, Eagle Lake, Wallagrass, St. John, St. Agatha, St. Francis, Soldier Pond, New Canada, Cross Lake, Allagash.


Freeport:   Low cost dog and cat spays and neuters at the Humane Alliance model Community Spay/Neuter Clinic in Freeport.  Transport to and from clinic for many parts of the state.  865-0772.  May have to leave a message.  Cats from some towns are at a lower price. There is some grant money to help with dogs. Call for details.


Regular prices (not counting grant specials):  Cats, male or female: $60

Dogs:  up to 30 lbs $130; 31 - 75 lbs $170; over 75 lbs $210.

Rabies vaccine $15


Transport areas:  Augusta, Bangor, Rockland and Waterville (mobile clinic).  Also see Dover-Foxcroft above.


Fryeburg:  Low-income cat spay/neuter clinic once per month.  Call the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter at 935-4358


Hancock County:  See Trenton below.


Hancock and Washington counties only:  The Ark in Cherryfield. A Stitch in Time Program.  Low-income spay/neuter assistance only.  Cats and dogs.  Call 546-3484

Houlton Area:  Call The Cleo Fund.  773-6221


Lewiston-Auburn Area:  Greater Androscoggin Humane Society: 783-2311.  FREE; cat, kitten, pit bull and pit bull mixes.  Year round: Mother cat and dog programs and other assistance.  Call the shelter for details.

These Greater Androscoggin Humane Society programs are open to citizens living in the following communities:

Auburn, Canton, Durham, Greene, Hebron, Lewiston, Lisbon, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Mechanic Falls, Minot , New Gloucester, Poland, Sabattus, Turner, Wales  Shelter’s phone number:   783-2311


Milo:  see Dover-Foxcroft


Mount Desert Island:  See Trenton below.


Newport:  see Dover-Foxcroft


Norway:  Well Point Veterinary Service: low cost cat spaying and neutering (cats only) on the first Wed. of every month.  No income requirements. Call: 743-6441.  86 Roberts Rd. in Norway.  Female cats:  $60, $66 if pregnant or in heat.  Males $40.  A current rabies vaccine is not required but can be purchased at an additional charge of $15.


Norway:  Kind Animal Care. Don McLean, DVM  743-8346 or 890-4987  Cats:  $60 female, $70 if pregnant. $30 male.  Dogs:  neuters only--prices range from $120-$150 depending on weight.  Dog spays not available. No additional fees required for spay/neuter surgery but other services are available.  A current rabies vaccine is not required but can be purchased at an additional charge of $6.

Oxford County:  See Norway and South Paris.

Piscataquis County:  Special grant for $5 cat spay/neuter (564-8092) see poster below. Also, see Dover-Foxcroft  and The Cleo Fund above under "statewide" (773-6221).


Portland area:  See Westbrook below, Animal Refuge League.


Rockland area:  Free transport for cats, small and medium dogs from the Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County to the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic.   The shelter  has a voucher program for the 20 towns the shelter serves: $25 off a neuter and $50 off a spay. Call Community Spay/Neuter Clinic: 865-0772 to book the appointment. Call the shelter for vouchers to use at the spay/neuter clinic: 594-2200.


Rockland area:  Margo Maloney, DVM  Cats only.  Call 557-5669 and leave message. 


Sanford/Springvale:  $5 cat spay/neuters.  Includes health exam, rabies vaccine and flea treatment if needed.  Call the Animal Welfare Society:  985-3244 ext 120


Scarborough/Gorham area:  Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital.  839-7456. Groovy Tuesdays for cats: males: $55, females $95.  Includes rabies and distemper vaccines.  Precious Pits to spay/neuter pit bulls: males: $110, females $150, includes rabies and distemper vaccines.

South Paris:  Call 743-8679, Responsible Pet Care, for spay/neuter assistance.   Also, if you qualify for Help Fix ME (see above) they can help you with the paperwork and help pay the copays.


South Portland:  Cats and dogs--no income requirements.  Cat spays and neuters: $60.   Includes pediatric (8 weeks old), pregnant and feral spay/neuter.  Dog spays and neuters-- must be equal to or less than 4 months of age:  males: $85, females $120.  Call So. Portland Veterinary Hospital at 767-7784.
Trenton:  The SPCA of Hancock County has low-income assistance for cats and dogs.  Call the SPCA PAL Program: 667-8088

Washington and Hancock counties only.  The Ark in Cherryfield. A Stitch in Time Program.  Low-income spay/neuter assistance.  Cats and dogs.  Call 546-3484.


Waterville: On Wednesdays, starting April 30th, the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic mobile clinic will be at Pet Quarters, 337 Main Street. Call 865-0772 to schedule. Without vouchers cats only $60, call for dog prices.  This clinic accepts several kinds of vouchers, ask for details.


Waterville area:   The Humane Society Waterville Area provides vouchers to assist with the cost of spaying/neutering any cat or dog.  You must live in one of the shelter's contracted towns and have a household income at 200% of the federal poverty level or below.  Vouchers are $25 for neuters and $50 for spays.  The vouchers can be used at veterinary hospital of your choice.  For details and vouchers call:  873-2430


Westbrook: Clinic at the Animal Refuge League.  Call 854-9771 extension 400 (you may have to leave a message). Low cost, low-income  (including working low-income) spay/neuter clinic for cats, dogs and rabbits. 


Cats: $50.  Dogs, less than 50 lbs $110, dogs 50-100 lbs $160, dogs over 100 lbs $210. Rabbits $90.  Male and female prices are the same. Rabies vaccine: $8.  Distemper: $10.  Call for exact income guidelines and to make an appointment.


West Kennebunk: Animal Welfare Society (AWS) Shelter Spay/Neuter Clinic. Special prices in February.  Several programs so it is best to call! Cats and dogs.  985-3244 ext. 120.  This clinic is not restricted to cats or dogs from any geographical area. If you live in York County, cats  in February only $7- $15 depending on age.   Price if no special grant applies for cats and dogs from anywhere:  Cats male or female $45 (in February), dogs must be less than 50 lbs, male: $110, female: $140.  Rabies vaccines $10. See poster below. Feral cats FREE.

Western Maine/Conway, NH area:  Cat and dog spays and neuters through the Rozzie May Animal Alliance in Conway, NH. Mobile cat clinic for Maine (Brownfield and Bridgton) and for NH (Meredith, Dover, Berlin, Wakefield and North Conway).  Call 603-447-1373.   www.rozziemay.org


York County:  See West Kennebunk and poster below.  Lots of programs at The Animal Welfare Society.



Feral/free roaming stray cat spay/neuter:



1)  Feral cats: State-wide: If you are an individual feeding feral cats and you qualify for Help Fix ME (1-800-367-1317), remember Help Fix ME vouchers can be used for feral cats.  Not all vets operate on feral cats so be sure to check with your vet to make sure he/she accepts Help Fix ME vouchers and will do feral cats.  The Help Fix ME program is not for organizations or rescues--just for individuals.

 2)  Feral cats:  York County: Free feral cat spays for York County through the Shelter/Spay Neuter Clinic at the Animal Welfare Society: call 985-3244 ext 120.


3)  Feral cats: Rockland area, specific towns: Free feral cat spays and neuters and free humane trapping. call 594-2200


4) Feral cats:  Call The Cleo Fund..  773-6221. No income requirements for feral cats.

5)  Feral cats:  Community Spay-Neuter Clinic.  Two ferals for $15 with more assistance for additional cats.  Call 865-0772.


We wish to thank all the compassionate veterinarians who participate in Help Fix ME and The Cleo Fund.  You do a great public service. Thank you!